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Drape Yourself Colour Card Set

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The most accurate way to determine your season is to be draped in a variety of precision-dyed fabrics by a qualified colour analyst.

Your consultant analyses the effects of the various colours on your skin to determine precisely which seasonal palette of colours is in harmony with your natural colouring.

If you do not have a Colour Analyst near to where you live or maybe can’t afford an in-person draping at a Colour consultation, but are still interested in determining your true season (and who isn’t?), I have a great way to help you to narrow down the options.

If an in-person Colour Analysis is not an option for you, ordering colour cards for at-home draping may be an answer! As part of the design process, great emphasis has been placed on carefully matching all of my Drape Yourself Colour Cards to the Original Seasonal Colour palettes.

Our home draping pack includes...

  • 22 cards in total
  • Reds, Pinks, Yellows, Greens,
    Blues, Purples, Whites/Creams
  • From each of the 4 seasons (where applicable).
  • Receive a seasonal rainbow! This set of cards allows you to see yourself in several of each season’s colours, making your decision that much easier.
  • On each card you will find the colour name and the season it belongs to. This makes communication between Colour Consultant and Client easier, should you have any questions.
  • You can use the cards to put together and test colour combinations.
  • Use the individual cards to hold against your clothing both at home and in-store.
  • As always, be sure to drape yourself only in good light, with your hair tied back and your face free from make-up.
  • The Colour cards are 21cm by 15cm.

Drape Yourself 4 Season Colour Card Set (Free P&P)



If you would like to purchase a home draping colour card set, then please contact me.