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Colour Analysis for Women...

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The key to looking your absolute best is colour – by simply wearing colours that complement your features and skin tone, you can instantly enhance your natural looks, appearing younger, slimmer and healthier.

Continually my colour analysis session has the greatest impact on my clients' personal style – even the most sceptical. (What’s the point of being told you should look for curvy-shaped jackets to suit your curvy-shaped figure if you don’t know what colours to buy?!) As they embrace wearing those colours that flatter them best and apply a few basic rules for mixing and matching shades, they transform their wardrobe and shopping habits.

Being chic is not something only reserved for the very rich or the very thin. Women on a tight budget or who think they have body issues can still look wonderful everyday. By choosing colours that suit your natural colouring, confidence grows and compliments too!

So empower yourself to be your own Personal Shopper and Stylist and give your look the ultimate lift. Come and enjoy some precious ‘me time’ at my studio in Sittingbourne, Kent.

Helena has trained with the leading image consultant, Kim Bolsover, through her renowned ‘Improvability’ training academy. Since completing her Diploma in Colour Analysis she has been committed to enabling her clients to feel great every day, knowing that what they are wearing flatters their colouring, enhancing their self-confidence and prospects and finding the best in themselves!

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What does Colour Analysis involve?

We will learn...

  • How colours effect your features to discover those that look good on you and why
  • Which colours best suit your natural colouring by placing coloured drapes across your shoulders and around your ‘communication zone’
  • Which ‘Colour Season’ you are and discover the palette that reflects your colouring
  • Which colours to avoid – some colours can make you look older, heavier and even ill
  • How to wear your colours with confidence, how to coordinate colours together and how to accessorize
  • And you will take home with you a personalised swatch wallet* of your best colours for future reference.

How much does it cost?

Colour Analysis Session £85.00

* Includes your own personalised wallet of 30 colour fabric swatches
with unique tips on how to wear your colours and how to use the
wallet when shopping.


Please contact me if you would like to book an appointment or for more information.